Variable durometer tube

Variable durometer tube


Our automated process eliminates labor and welded points for smooth transition between soft tip to a hard proximal end for excellent blood vessel trackability.

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Variable durometer throughout the tube's length provides a linear transition between a delicately soft tip with a hard proximal end. Our continuous extrusion process eliminating labor and welded points of the manually assembled tube, causing the misaligned segment to fail, bring seamless transition, reducing cost, and better blood vessel trackability to your catheter. This process also can be validated and less susceptible to lot-to-lot variations. Ideal for catheter required soft tip with pushability at a proximal end.

comparison of stiffness change

A comparison graph shows how stiffness changes from a soft tip to a hard proximal end, compared to a manually assembled tube.

Here is a comparison of its increased bending smoothness.


Inner diameter:  0.03 - 0.04“  (0.80 - 1.09mm) at transition length 400mm

                             0.05 - 0.10“  (1.33 – 2.66mm) at transition length 200mm

Wall thickness:   Min. 0.0024“  (0.06mm)

Material:              Pebax®, Vestamide®


Braid reinforcement and PTFE Liner are also available for your catheter manufacturing. 

- Braid reinforcement with material including SS304, tungsten, polymeric filaments such as 66PA, PEEK, or other materials. 

- Thin thermoplastic Tie layer (8μm) or etched to enhance adhesion. Option of cut lengths or spooled lengths is available.

- PTFE Liner features ultra thin wall, excellent lubricity, and chemical resistance, for smooth delivery. 


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