Multi layer tube

Multi layer tube


With our co-extrusion process, our seamless tubing meets critical design tolerance. Ideal for handling high pressure evenly, such as a balloon catheter.

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Our Multi layer tube, with high concentricity (more than 90%), enables the catheter to handle high pressures consistently and effectively. With the co-extrusion process, unlike welded tubing, our seamless precision tubing meets critical design tolerance. Ideal for the application requires handling high pressure evenly, such as a balloon catheter, for ensuring a tight fit between balloon and blood vessel.

comparison of concentricity

Average 97.3% of concentricity, here is actual comparison data of the three-layer tube (internal investigation).


-Wall thickness :     0.0020” - 0.0047”  (0.05 - 0.12mm)    

-Outer diameter :   0.016”  - 0.039“  (0.4 - 1.0mm)  

-OD tolerance :      ± 0.0008” (±20μm)

-Material :              General purpose resin (HDPE, PA, PA Elastomer, TPU etc.)

-No. of layers    :     2 or 3 layers, all different polymers possible

-Supplied with :       cut length  (Max. 1500mm)

-Available layer ratio : inner 10 - 20%, middle 10 - 80%, outer 10 - 70%


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