12 Aza, 2020

Asahi Intecc websessions virtual Compamed 2020

Asahi Intecc will host two websessions during virtual Compamed.

12:0012:30 16. Nov 2020 

12:0012:30 18. Nov 2020

In this presentation we will give you an introduction to our key products and capabilities for minimally invasive medical devices.

For more information and to join online, please visit https://events.medica.de/en/event/ws-asahi-inteccs-components-introduction-1 and https://events.medica.de/en/event/ws-asahi-inteccs-components-introduction-2 

18 Eka, 2020

Updated data sheets for tubing/liner products

We have updated our data sheets for the following products:

- Ultrathin PTFE liner (wt 8μm – 13μm) for increased lubricity of (micro)catheter inner lumens

- Variable durometer tube for a smooth transition between rigid proximal end to flexible distal end.

- Multi-layer tubing.

The sheets can be found at our Products page "Tubing and Braiding" segment or accessed directly by clicking this link.

If you have any questions, we will answer them!

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