Machining & Assembly

Machining & Assembly

Asahi Intecc offers in-house machining, welding, soldering and other end-treatments. (Sub-)assembly of Asahi components to other parts is also provided in-house, ensuring both time-saving with our high standards for quality.

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Special Welding

Laser Welding ACT ONE, Torque Coil & Other Metal Components

Plasma weld

Suitable for cable-type components.
Prevents wire fraying of the ends.

Laser weld

Suitable for cable-tube-type components.
Prevents wire fraying of the ends.

Step grinding

Centerless grinding of one or both ends to accommodate hypotube assembly.

Square cut

Cutting the ends through a grinding process.


An additional fi lar twisted on top of a cable tube to create an auger screw-type component.

Assembly through laser welding is possible for our components, including ACT ONE cable tube, torque coil, hypotubes and other terminal component parts.