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Asahi Intecc offers extrusion, dip coat, and heat shrink solutions for customers developing delivery systems. Inner tubing may be attached by chemical etching, adhesive bonding on both ends, depending on the wall thickness, flexibility, and 1 to 1 torque requirements. Customers can now enjoy a more consolidated supply base with excellent in-house expertise in both metal and polymer solutions.

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Different polymer machining possibilities. Let us know your requirements.

A New Developments

ACT ONE precoat
Asahi Intecc is continuously developing new coating applications. ACT-ONE pre-coat is made by forming PTFE precoated wires. As each filar is fully coated, excellent lubricity is achieved both inside and outside.

By coating our monofilament wire with PEEK through a unique process before forming, the benefits of stainless steel or other metals and PEEK can be combined in one cable tube.

B Outside-Inside Coating

We have the in-house capability to extrude and apply shrinks on our cable (tube) components. Ideal for applications that require electrical insulation, sealing, lubricity or burst pressure resistance.

Components Capability