Tubing & Braiding

Polymer - Tubing & Braiding

Asahi Intecc custom extrudes single lumen and braided tubing in different materials, including FEP (fl uorinated ethylene propylene) , PTFE, PFA, PE (polyethylene), NYLON, PEBAX (polyether block amide) and TPU. For size and wall thickness range of each material, please refer to our specifi cation page or contact us for further information.

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Tubing Options

Different polymer machining possibilities. Let us know your requirements.

Polymer Extrusion Concentricity and Surface Conditions

Asahi Intecc – GMA (ISO 13485; Clean Room environment) offers the highest level of consistent concentricity for single-lumen extrusions. A polymer tube’s concentricity results in stronger resistance to burst pressure and ease to assemble other parts. Concentricity of our extruded polymer shafts naturally results in a consistently superior appearance, compared to the often eccentric shapes of other polymer tubings in the global marketplace. As Asahi Intecc has in-house polymer compounding capabilities with a choice of small size and middle size twin screw extruders, we can choose the equipment and the conditions to optimize the concentricity and surface conditions of our polymer extrusions.

Asahi Intecc custom extrudes thermoplastic and fluoropolymer single 
lumen tubing in FEP (fluorinated ethylene propylene), PTFE, PFA, PE (polyethylene), NYLON, PEBAX (polyether block amide), TPU. For size and wall thickness range of each material, please refer to our specification page or contact us for further information. Tubing can be provided on a spool or precision cut lengths.


PTFE Liner

Provided on a spool, PTFE is coated on the mandrel by a dipping process. The mandrel size ranges from 0.45mm to 2.30mm. The PTFE wall thickness (one side can range from 0.008mm to 0.012mm (0.00031” to 0.00047” or 8 to 12 microns).


Wall thickness 10 μm

Mandrel size 0.42 - 2.30 mm

With/without chemical etching

Pin-hole check on the entire length

With/without cover layer

Delivery: on spool with a mandrel

Application: Inner for guiding catheter, microcatheter, etc.

The PTFE is chemically etched on catheter delivery systems, microcatheters, and other delivery systems, where an instrument or a guidewire passes through a PTFE coated lumen.

Variable Flexibility Tubing

Transition area, 400mm. Gradually changing from:

72D, 60mm

72D to 25D

25D, 40mm

This tubing may be used where a proximal push and rotation along with a delicately flexible distal tip is desirable to access the treatment area. Offered on our catheters and as part of our OEM/ODM and assembly services, the multi-segmented flexibility is seamless without manually connecting joints between the two or more selected materials and durometers for the catheter shaft.

Variable flexibility tubing graph