Cable Tubes

Cable Tube - ACT ONE LUMEN

ACT ONE cable tubes possess a high maximum torque and high torque transmission compared to polymer braided tubes. They also feature higher kink resistance and flexibility compared to hypo tubes. ACT ONE cable tubes are applied to a wide variety of minimally invasive and interventional devices within Cardiology, Peripheral, Neurology, Oncology, Orthopedics and Endoscopy.

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ACT ONE is a hollow wire rope that incorporates three of ASAHI INTECC’score technologies - wire drawing, wire forming, and torque transmission augmentation. ACT ONE has excellent torque characteristics, kink resistance, compression resistance and shape recovery characteristics. Its hollow design allows it to be combined with a wide variety of devices. With both flat type (centerless grind process over the surface) and flat & taper type (featuring a tapered shape) designs, our product line is able to meet a wide range of customer requirements.


Asahi Intecc is specialized in customization in order to meet specific application needs. Next to changing the number of filars, pitch and filar sizes, it is also possible to add different treatments such as centerless grinding and swaging.

High number of filars

Low number of filars


*By changing the number of filars, the flexibility of ACT ONE can be customized.

Standard (Round Wire)

  • Pushability - 3
    Torque transmission - 5
    Flexibility - 5

Swage (Compressed)

  • Pushability - 5
    Torque transmission - 4
    Flexibility - 2

Auger (+1 Outer Filar)

  • Pushability - 3
    Torque transmission - 2
    Flexibility - 5

Flat (Centerless Grind)

  • Pushability - 3
    Torque transmission - 4
    Flexibility - 4

Ultra Thin (Flat Wire)

  • Pushability - 1
    Torque transmission - 1
    Flexibility - 5

5 = highest applicability / 1 = Lowest applicability

Ultra-Thin Single-Layer Cable Tube, High resistance to deformation around tight bends, excellent torque response and flexibility. improve your catheter shaft.

Archimedes screw, ACT ONE with spiral wire - excellent torque response, pushability and flexibility - corrugated, fluted surface.

Cable Tube - Torque Coil LUMEN

The torque coil is a highly flexible coil consisting out of multiple layers with very fine wires. This makes the coil ideal for high speed rotation in very tortuous routings or anatomies.

In 2 Layers and 3 Layers

Different polymer machining possibilities. Let us know your requirements.

Torque Coil Structure Explanation

For applications where relatively high outer diameters (2-4 mm) need to be combined with both good torque transmission and high flexibility, Asahi Intecc’s torque coil would be a good solution. Depending on the required rotation directions, torque coil is provided in both 2-layer and 3-layer versions.

Round Wire Torque Coil

Stable high speed rotation with high flexibility.
Round wire torque coil offers to possibility to combine high speed rotation in very tight angulation.

An example application of torque coil is IVUS catheter. The main benefit is enabling stable high speed rotation in tortuous segments, while also providing an inner lumen for additional cables or optical fibers.

Flat Wire Torque Coil

High flexibility with both side rotation and elongation resistance.

- High resistance to axial elongation and compression
- Excellent torque force and torque transmission (hand speed)
- Thin wall thickness and flat surface